Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why I Hate the Keurig Machine

Several years ago, some of my relatives were proud to show me their fancy new Keurig coffee makers. I was immediately appalled at the dozens of miniature plastic cups they so proudly displayed on their cutesy little K-cup "trees".  I had hoped that this fad would wear off quickly, but it has not. Several years later the machines have seemingly taken over every home in America. 

As a an environmentalist at heart, I immediately shun the thought of all these single serve, non-recyclable plastic cups. Whenever I express this concern to any Keurig owner, they immediately say "Oh don't worry, Keurig makes a re-usable stainless steel filter cup!". That's just fine and dandy, except that NOT ONE OF YOU ACTUALLY USE IT. Jerks. 

In 2011, over 5 BILLION K-cups were bought. That's 5 BILLION non-recyclable plastic cups rotting in our landfills. I know Keurig states that they are "working on" recyclable options but honestly, recyclable cups only do good if people actually recycle them. We know americans aren't the best recyclers. 

I was also disappointed to see that Green Mountain Coffee owns Keurig now. As a young college activist, I had worked closely with Green Mountain executives to help me get my university on board with fair trade coffee. As you may or may not know, coffee farmers rarely get paid a livable wage for their product. Often coffee farmers turn to growing more illegal crops in order to support their families. Fair Trade coffee ensures coffee farmers get a fair wage for their product. I guess I had assumed that since Green Mountain is socially responsible, and based in the  Green Mountains of Vermont, that they would be environmentally responsible as well. 

My last gripe with the Keurig machine is that the COFFEE IS NOT GOOD. Every cup of coffee I have had from a Keurig machine is weak, and barely fills the cup. And should you decide to change the setting to make a bigger cup, it gets even weaker. I fail to see the attraction of the Keurig machine. 

If you need me I'll be at Cumberland Farms or Dunkin Donuts with my re-usable mug....

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