Saturday, February 18, 2012

The End of an Era

Yesterday was a sad day.

Five years ago I was an unemployed freshly graduated college student. I had no job and no direction. Based on the recommendation of my old friend Alex, I decided to apply at North Cove Outfitters. It was perfect. I learned all about the wide world of outdoor gear. (How I wish I knew about synthetic baselayers and gore-tex membranes when I was freezing my butt off during field classes in college). Over the next 5 years I worked at North Cove between field jobs. I can't express how grateful I have been to have a job that will always take me back with welcome arms. Sometimes I am gone on my bird chasing adventures for a year at a time. Long story short, North Cove is my second home, and my coworkers are my second family.

Yesterday it was revealed to us that North Cove Outfitters will be closing its doors after 23.5 years in business. It was a sad day for those of us who work there. Now that the news is out it will be a sad day for all of the store's loyal customers. I started the day blissfully unaware of the closure, and ended the day hanging giant yellow and red "Store Closing" signs all over the store. That was certainly not how I had expected my day to go..

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