Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I Miss About Being A Child

It is 7:55 am on a Saturday morning. I am currently watching the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon on Nick (That's Nickelodeon to those of us from older generations).

If I were a child, I would be able to lay here comfortably enjoying cartoons for the next few hours. Instead I am anxiously watching the clock. I must get up and get ready for work. I also have to account for time to clear the frost and snow off of my car because it is indeed winter.  Fortunately the snow only amounted to a light dusting, so clean up will be quick today.

Winter to a child means 2 things: SNOW DAYS and sledding. Winter to an adult means 2 things: SHOVELING and a longer commute to work. The child in me loves to wake up and see a freshly fallen blanket of snow. And as I am shoveling, the child in me finds some pleasure in making mini snowmen along the way. It doesn't take long for the adult in me to quickly become annoyed as I shovel my way to my car. It is usually the town's dim-witted plow truck driver plowing my car into a snow bank that sets me off. By the time I get to work in a snow storm I find myself angry and cursing mother nature for ever inventing such an evil substance. Were I still a child, I could still look upon snow as a blessing from above. Perhaps if grown-ups got snow days and were allowed to go sledding all day I would retain that childlike admiration.

I would say that I miss exploring the woods and playing outside all day long, however I as an adult I have managed to find a way to get myself paid for exploring outside all day.  As a child I was never really happy being stuck indoors and I never grew out of it. Next month I will return to field work and it will be glorious.

And now I must go get ready for work... (Indoor work selling outdoor gear).

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