Friday, July 15, 2011

I Believe I Can Fly

Today was my first Zipline experience. Jen and I ventured out to Barnardsville, NC to check out the Navitat Zipline Canopy Tour. We had read all the information provided by Navitat, and watched all the videos. We were (almost) totally prepared.

As it turns out, wearing Vibram FiveFingers is not allowed. Fortunately, Navitat had some loaner shoes and socks for me to wear. Unfortunately, they were black velcro sneakers that NO ONE under the age of 85 should ever wear. C'est la vie... I still got to play on the zip lines!

Everything we experienced today was exactly as it was outlined on Navitat's helpful website.  You start out with a safety talk, proceed up the mountain in some sweet UTV's and then begin the "practice" zip lines. They are two shorter lines, not far above the ground. Through out the course, the lines get longer and the trees get taller. But the progression feels natural and soon you feel like an old pro. The guides are extremely helpful, and super friendly.  Jen and I had a great time. You even get to rappel twice, and cross 2 rope bridges.

Apparently I am not at all afraid of heights or jumping from 200 foot tall trees. I loved every second of it and so did Jen :)

I would definitely go back in a heart beat. My next trip to Asheville will definitely involve a trip to Navitat, and most likely at night!

If you ignore the ugly-ass shoes it's a great picture!

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