Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why I hate cockroaches:

Ok, so I will confess... I am totally 100% creeped out by cockroaches. I am not afraid of spiders, ants, bees,  worms, or any other creepy crawly really. I am bothered by the ones that bite, but overall I am generally ok with the insect world.

Cockroaches, however, are just not OK in my book.

It all started when I worked cleaning houses and restaurants with my uncle. I quickly realized that EVERY food service establishment struggles with roach control, no matter what they tell you. Also, having known plenty of people who work for pest control services, I know way more than I care to about the distribution of roaches.
Here is a summary of my least favorite roach moments (in no particular order)

1. Kingston, RI 2002: My dorm freshman year was located immediately next to a dining hall. We had tile floors. The roaches were so big you could HEAR them scuttling across your bedroom floor at night. DISGUSTING.

2. New Haven, CT 2004:  I was cleaning a kitchen at a FANCY New Haven restaurant, when I reached my hand into a cabinet to move a stack of plates, I apparently disturbed a large number of sleepy roaches. I felt something moving, and when I pulled my hand out of the cabinet there were dozens of roaches crawling on my hand and arm. DISGUSTING. I showered twice that day.

3. Oklahoma City, OK 2005: Rachel and I were bickering about the motel we stayed at.  Granted, it was my fault we ended up at a crappy motel 6. She had wanted to stop in Tulsa but I insisted on pressing on a few more hours. My bad. At the time we were not yet 21 years old and the only motel that would allow us was the motel 6. I whined and complained, stating that I refused to stay at a motel 6 because there would be roaches. She thought I was exaggerating until we walked in and there was a roach crawling down the wall. DISGUSTING.

4. Lincoln, NE 2009: While en route from Wyoming to Connecticut, my mother and I stopped at a Holiday Inn Express. In all my years of travel a H.I.E. has never let me down. Wellllll this one did. Mom immediately noticed the GIANT 3 inch cockroach stuck in the vent directly over the toilet. It was still partially alive, turning its head occasionally. I found it difficult to shower knowing that creepy ass bug was watching me. Hotel staff refused to come and remove it. DISGUSTING.

5. Corpus Christi, TX 2010: When I first arrived in Texas, I was thrilled at the beautiful beach, and my awesome housing accomodations. I even had a bathroom to myself. Somewhere around my 3rd day a GIANT cockroach came slithering out of my shower drain while I was mid-shampoo. I won't lie --- I screamed like a little girl and jumped out of the shower. It was DISGUSTING.

6. Vermillion, SD 1 hour ago: I am laying in my bed innocently watching Cosby show re-runs via Netflix for iPhone when a cockroach falls out of the A/C vent above my head and lands on me. DISGUSTING.

7. The movie "Joe's Apartment".  What the hell MTV? Don't try to make movies. Ever again.

8. The song " The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnatti". Dad used to play that song on one of his old Dr. Demento tapes. I found it disturbing even as a child.


  1. If you have a strong stomach and want to read more about these vile creatures (Oh, it wasn’t dead, not by a long shot. It was running now, in circles, no doubt damaged in some indescribably nauseating way.)

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