Friday, August 26, 2011

What's New, Pussycat?

I'll tell you what's new.

Recently I attended the 4-H Cat Show at the Clay County Fair in Vermillion, South Dakota. I was accompanied by my friends Ben and Courtney. Let me tell you, the 4-H Cat Show is NO JOKE.

It was there that I found the man of my dreams. Unfortunately I was too chicken to ask for his number. Now I will never be able to find him again. Alas, I was at least able to snap some photos to remember him by.

We showed up to the cat show a few moments late and worried we missed some real excitement. We only missed the showing of one cat (the champion prize winning orange tabby) but we were fortunate enough to witness my dream man showing off his cat, Simia. Simia did not seem too amused to be poked, prodded, and publicly humiliated. The disturbed feline is pictured below, nestled in the arms of her handsome owner.
Simia, the second prize kitty cat

Nothing could have prepared me for the next amazing cat. A young girl named Audrey, yes Audrey introduced herself and her cat- BEN. Ben and I were awestruck at the awesome coincidence. Pictured below is the amazing Audrey, and the disturbed Ben the Cat.

Ben the Cat was not interested in being shown that day
After seeing the two cats twisted, turned, and tormented, the cat show was over. They quickly announced the winners. As there were only two participants and three cats shown, there were only 3 prizes given. The champion was the orange tabby shown below:

Ladies, don't even think about it, he's all mine
The 4-H Cat Show was the highlight of my summer. Ok, maybe not. But it certainly did provide a few hours of extreme entertainment for me.

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