Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things I Am Looking Forward To

Next month I get to fly east for some quality time. In no particular order here is what I look forward to:

- seeing real mountains in Asheville
- medium black coffee with 2 sugars from the Dunk
- going for a swim in L.I. Sound (gross, I know)
- seeing my favorite 5 year old on the planet
- snuggling with Spam and Cheddar ( that would be a person and a cat for the record)
- Doing an impressive flying squirrel impersonation at navitAt
- playing tetris on the super nintendo with my Gram
- celebrating life Nagy style
- cleaning some crap out of my overstuffed storage unit
- visiting the store where great adventures begin, the one and only North Cove Outfitters
- heading to Providence to see my Peter and my Rachel
- being around people who over use the term "wicked"
- just being in the one place on earth where I actually fit in

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