Sunday, June 5, 2011

Please Don't Blame the Plovez!

I am truly alarmed at the amount of talk I am hearing about the Piping Plover being a cause of those flooding crisis. Did the plovers make it rain? No. Did the plovers make it snow? No.

Several news stories have indicated that many people are suggesting that the reason all this water is being released now is because the army corps was trying to preserve nesting habitat for the plovers and terns that nest along the river. This is simply not true, and I am relieved that the media is reinforcing that fact. I hate to think of the consequences if people truly believe the Piping Plover is to blame for their loss of property due to this flooding.

The record precipitation this past winter and spring has led to an influx of water that no one could have imagined. The army corps is doing their best with what they have.

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