Thursday, July 26, 2012

Salt Water

I have lived all over this great country of ours. I have lived in the deserts of New Mexico, the mountains of western Wyoming, the plains of South Dakota, the bayou of Louisiana, and many more I'm not even remembering.

I have lived in all these places and learned to love them for all their unique properties. Alas, I am never truly happy until I am home by the sea. I tried living on the west coast, but every time I drove north, the ocean was on the wrong side. The Texas Gulf coast was alright I guess, but the beaches covered in pick up trucks and RV's were no match for a beautiful rocky New England coast line..

Next on my agenda is the Pacific Northwest, and the Big Sky Country of Montana. Eventually I will find my way home to the Atlantic coast where I will be happy to be. In the mean time I have a lot more exploring to do...

I suppose I have no point in my rambling except to say that right now I miss the smell of the salt air ..

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