Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween?

Halloween in CT this year did not go as planned. Not just for myself, but for the entire state.

I am not going to complain about my situation, as I never lost power during the random unexpected October blizzard. About 950,000 homes and businesses lost power as a result of the storm (According to the Associated Press). As of yesterday, the numbers had dropped to about 500,000 which is certainly better but not ideal. Fortunately the temperatures have not been dropping too low this week, but its still too cold to be sleeping in a house with no power. They say 99% of people will have their power back by Sunday but we'll see what happens.

The saddest moment of my Halloween weekend was not really having anywhere to wear my custom made Piping Plover costume, which took me two weeks to compile. I put it on twice, for like an hour each time. Oh well. I will save it for next year! Maybe I will make myself a green flag as well. Right now you can't tell if I am a Missouri River or Platte River plover, how embarassing!

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